Canon printers offer high-quality printing services. It also comes with many special features. Users also face many errors, such as Canon printer error e02. They also want to know the causes of Canon printer error e02 and its solutions. It is a common error that users can encounter at any time. When its printhead is overheated, this error occurs. These are the primary reasons that cause Canon printer error e02.

  • Ink Cartridge Issues
  • Driver Issue
  • Network Connection Problem
  • Printer Uninstall and Reinstall
  • Paper Jam Issues

Users can easily fix the problem when they know the reasons behind it. They may also want to know how to solve Canon printer e02 errors. It is also vital for us to use effective ways to fix the current error. It is also necessary to use the latest printer driver in Canon printer so it works properly.

How to Solve Canon Printer e02 Error?

There is a question in the user's mind about how to solve the Canon printer e02 error. Here we discuss various methods to fix Canon printer error e02.

Reset the Canon Printer

When we start fixing errors, there is a need to reset the Canon printer. It is the first step to resolving the problem. There is a need to press and hold the power button simultaneously. We can wait until the device shuts down completely. We can switch off our Canon printer and unplug the power wire from a power outlet. Here we can also disconnect the printer from the PC.

There is a need to press the power on or off button. Now we can put the power cord back into the socket. It is time to connect a printer to the PC. We can switch on the printer and check whether Canon printer error e02 is solved or not. 

Clean the Printer Properly 

We can clean the printer as soon as possible if there is dust on it. It helps us fix the error. We can take a clean cloth and remove any dirt from the surface if there is dust. If anti-dirt is present on the roller, remove it as soon as possible. Once the dust is cleaned, make sure the paper tray is feeding the pages correctly. It allows the rollers to move freely during printing.

Clear the Paper Jam

Canon Printer Error e02 can be fixed by clearing the paper jam. It is located too far from the inside of the printer. Try using a torch to see if something is stuck inside the printer, such as a paper clip or a piece of paper. Check the paper tray as well. Paper crumbs and other things can affect the printing process.

Use Correct Paper for Canon Printer

It is also vital for us to use the accurate size of paper in Canon printers. When we insert the wrong size of the paper, it shows Canon printer Error e02. There is a need to use the proper paper according to a printer. Users can also read details in the manual. We can read them on the official website of Canon. Users can easily understand what type of paper and size they need to use.

Install Paper Properly

Positioning the paper correctly is crucial to a smooth printing process. Printing will fail if we position the paper incorrectly. Make sure the blades on each side of the inbox are in proper condition. It is imperative to place the paper inside the machine, otherwise, printing will not be possible.

Clean the Feed Rollers

When we do printing, sometimes we feel that something restricts the pages before printing begins. The only way to avoid this clogging is to keep the inbox clean regularly. Input tray problems are the most common ones. We need to clean them properly. There is a need to use these steps. 

  • There is a need to switch on the Canon printer. Keep your printer in sleeping mode to get the cleaning process started. When a printer does not have a screen, you can turn it on by pressing the power button.
  • Users can long-press the stop button on the Canon printer. It is vital to hold the button until the orange light blinks seven times.
  • Now we can smoothly release the button. 
  • The roller starts rotating, and it started the cleaning process.

Wrap Up 

Users can easily fix the Canon printer Error e02 and Canon Error Code e05. These ways are simple and easy to follow. It is crucial to read and follow instructions.

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